Souvlaki Story & Taverna


11 June 2019

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Souvlaki Story & Taverna

Souvlaki Story has been writing for years his own story about the famous Greek Souvlaki and novels a new story! The name is : Souvlaki Story Taverna.

Besides our famous souvlaki you ‘ll find grilled meat and more greek dishes, delicious homemade recipes and traditional food named “kokoretsi” which is undeniable a top choice for meat lovers! Grills are always prepared for you! If you are a meat lover, Souvlaki Story Taverna has some perfect greek traditional meat combinations especially for you!

All our ingredients are from the local market of Mykonos.

We cook with love, respect and love by offering unique flavors of Greek Tradition to your dish. For that purpose create a warm place for you but in other case you can enjoy our dishes in your place with a simple phone call!