Fabrica Food Mall


11 June 2019

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Fabrica Food Mall

At the most central spot in Chora, Mykonos you ‘ll find Fabrica Food Mall. A way out dining complex that covers every necessity for any hour of the day!

In a beautiful and designed by myconian style environment, you can find the biggest and most popular taste brands of Mykonos that are famous for high quality and unique flavor.

One perfect day in Fabrica begins with some brunch, continues with a multicolor ice cream or club sandwich. For lunch the famous souvlaki, pizza and burger is a very smart choice and for the end a beer is just amazing!

They are waiting you to try them out!

The Fabrica Food Mall is a dining multi-site at the entrance of the traditional Mykonian settlement. Its decoration offers a combination of the daring Mykonian architectural style, like its elaborate dovecoves (ornate stone-built structures designed to attract pigeons), arbours (shelters in gardens formed by stems of plants growing close together in a light framework), stone-built corrals, wooden staircases and ceiling proofs.

Our Philosophy is Simple, Fresh & Traditional. We believe that fast food can be fast, flavorful and health-conscious.
The five circles in our logo represent our casual restaurants which you can find in Fabrica Food Mall:
Trio Bambini, Souvlaki Story, Pizza L’angolo, My Burger & Beer Corner!